Our present services include:

1) Biofeedback which allows us to find stresses in the body that are found originally in the energy field of the body. The equipment uses principles of quantum physics to function and help find and eliminate this stress.

2) Chinese Herbal therapy relies on body indicators that show up on the fingernails and tongue. These indicators will show weakness in the body in various areas. Upon finding these weaknesses there are numerous proprietary herbal combinations many of which date back many centuries that will address these issues and help bring the body into balance.

3) Homeopathy is a science that began development over 200 years ago by Dr.Samuel Hahnemann when he discovered that derivatives of mostly natural substances can prompt the body to heal itself from a variety of both acute and chronic symptoms with no side effects.

4) Meditation Training uses this eastern philosophy to allow the body to become completely relaxed and finally allowing our brain and body to rest. The body rests at night but the brain can never completely rest and relax unless a science such as meditation is involved. This meditation training utilizes natural earth substances such as quartz to help relax the brain.

5) Zyto Nutritional Therapy utilizes the body’s energy field that completely surrounds the body to indicate weakness in nutrition. This service relies on the Zyto Compass that either hand of the body is place upon which then analyzes the energy field with the help of a laptop computer and printer. The Compass determines weakness in the energy field as it relates to nutrition and recommends nutritional products that will help correct these energy imbalances which ultimately affect the physical body.

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