Chinese Herbal Therapy


My association with these specialized Chinese herbs and Dr. Tsu-Tsair Chi goes back into the 1990s. We met at a Health Fair in Scottsdale, AZ. He and his wife Cheryl were operating a booth with many people in line waiting to see him. As I walked by, I stopped to watch what he was doing. I saw that he was examining  people’s fingernails and tongues and telling them what weakness that he found in their bodies and what specific herbs it would take to repair this and in many cases about how long it would take to accomplish.

Most of these people were amazed that he could tell so many things about them so quickly and how accurate he was as well. Some people stated that they had recently had tests run, some for many hundreds of dollars only to find he could accomplish the same thing in a few minutes just by looking at their fingernails and tongue.

After observing for awhile, I got into line and eventually had my readings taken. He indicated to me the weakness he observed and what herbs could heal them. I too was amazed on how accurate all of this was. At this point I asked him if he had ever taught anyone how to do this. He said that there was one other person he had trained and he lived in Utah.

I asked him if he would consider training me in this process. He then invited me behind the counter to be able to observe more closely. To make a long story short, he agreed to train me and today I am pleased to be able to offer his expertise through my training with him and can offer clients the benefits of these herbs today. I am forever grateful for his help and patience in training me to help others.

I have seen over the years how these herbs, many of which can be traced back over thousands of years of his family’s linage, have helped countless people regain their vitality once again. These products are indeed amazing.


In this country we usually seek a physician’s advice only after a significant change in our health and major symptoms develop. In many areas of the world this is not the case. In China for example many patients pay their doctors to keep them healthy. In this manner, many afflictions never happen because they were caught by the doctor before they could develop into anything serious. The cost of their health care overall is significantly less because health maintenance is always less expensive than treating a deep seated illness. The outcome is usually better as well because the body is able to recover much faster than from an actual illness.

For many things we all deal with on a daily basis, the outcome is often better and less expensive if whatever is giving us trouble is maintained. The vehicle we drive is a good example. Breakdowns are far less frequent and usually less expensive if the vehicle has had good overall maintenance. If it has been neglected, then the chance of more serious and more expensive breakdowns typically occur.

Our body is no different. Most people that really take care of themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and environmentally statistically will have a longer and healthier life. Even as they get older, their health remains more energetic than others that have chosen not to do these things.


For those that have chosen the more natural lifestyle, Chinese Herbal Analysis makes perfect sense. The whole program is designed to address many of our health issues and allow them to be found  before they turn for the worse. The body usually gives warning signs of impending problems long before they occur. Chinese Herbal Analysis allows us to identify many of these issues early enough for them to be eliminated before anything worse can happen.

These herbs are not designed just to treat symptoms, they allow the body to actually repair itself and after the repair has been completed then the herbs are typically no longer needed. Hence, the body can be returned to its normal and healthy state with a minimum of inconvenience and cost. The health of the individual has been maintained. Through regular health checks, the body’s vitality can be maintained and people can lead a more active and healthy life style.

For those that have not known about things like Fingernail and Tongue Analysis and have actual illness that they may be treating more conventionally still may find relief through more natural methods such as these herbs.  Taking the time to become informed is essential to allow for relief of illness without the horrible side effects that often follow conventional treatments with chemical prescriptions.

Chinese Herbal Analysis is one method that can really help. When there is disease involved, the time needed to recover is usually longer, but not without hope. There have been many cases when people have made the decision to explore a more natural therapy that they have completely recovered from their illness and have been able to eliminate prescription medication along the way. This eliminates the side effects that the body has to deal with and allows more energy to be diverted into the illness itself. Even people that have been on prescription drugs for years have had an opportunity to eliminate these chemicals from their lives and resume a normal lifestyle again. Their body repaired itself and those symptoms are now gone.


There have been many recorded studies completed that have shown the effectiveness of our Chinese Herbal Therapy. This research can be made available for those who may be interested in knowing about recovering from issues that may have been covered up and suppressed for years by prescription medication, only to become almost unbearable as these chemicals are no longer able to hide the original symptoms or maybe causing more insufferable side effects than can be tolerated.


Please call if you have any questions, or better still come in for an appointment to have the Analysis completed and see what might be available to you to find good health again.